» Lee Brice In Super Bowl Mode

Lee Brice made his way to the small town of Milligan, NE on Saturday (1/4) to help get fans pumped for Super Bowl XLVIII and the upcoming Super Bowl Halftime Show.

Lee worked with Pepsi to transform Main Street in Milligan into a ”Get Hyped for Halftime””zone with a surprise concert, complete with a Pepsi marching band.

Milligan isn’t the only place Pepsi will visit but it is the first. And the smallest.
“It’s crazy,” Milligan Resident Lucas Smejeir said. “It’s awesome that a little town like this can do something like this.”

As the Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show nears Pepsi will continue to surprise fans across American by bringing the excitement of the halftime show to unexpected places.

Source: KHAS-TV, Country Weekly

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