» Jake Owen Looking To Add “More Validity” To Muisc

While may artists get ready to slow down towards the holiday season Jake Owen is staying busy as he gets ready to release his new CD ‘Days Of Gold’ on December 3.

Jake tells Rolling Stone that while the lead song, “Days Of Gold” rolls through the usual trucks, dirt roads, moonshine and whiskey he hopes it’s overall depth will establish him as an artist instead of someone who relies on a formula for their music.

“What I’m trying to do with this record is to not have songs that all sound the exactly alike,” Owen tells Rolling Stone. “I’ve definitely had moments in my career where I’ve released songs that were not necessarily the most, you know, in-depth-written song, or maybe it was a party anthem. I wanted to start adding more validity to my music.”

One song he points to is the piano and pedal-steel ballad, “(We All Want) What We Ain’t Got.” He says, “I think it’ll help push my career in a direction differently than others that aren’t doing those sort of things.”

Rolling Stone says “The song is about a guy lamenting a lost relationship, with a broader, grass-is-always-greener theme that reaches beyond heartbroken lovers. It’s ultimately relatable to all listeners who want something more.”

Jake says, “We need more of those kinds of songs in [country music]. We need more songs than just songs about tailgates and ****in’ cups and Bacardi and stuff like that. We need songs that get ourselves back to the format that made me love it . . . [like] when guys like Randy Travis released songs like ‘He Walked on Water’ – songs that meant something, man!”

Read the whole Rolling Stone article here.


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