Tom “TomCat” Schwarz has lived in Pensacola for nearly two decades, moving to the panhandle from the Ft. Lauderdale area and he’s been involved in broadcasting for even longer than that.  He holds down the fort most weekends at Cat Country 987. When not on air, he is doing one of three things: walking his larger than life black and yellow labs (or trying to remove pieces of clothing, shoes, & furniture from their mouths), DJing a wedding/event (Yes; he does that too) or on a 24 hour shift as a Professional Firefighter with Escambia County Fire and Rescue.

Tom is  Miami Hurricanes fan (yuck) (Candy helped write this bio)(Go Pack).  Tom is dedicated to helping others and has worked to help raise money for a number of local nonprofits the Red Cross, Manna Food Pantries, & the Wounded Warrior Project. If I could ask you to do one thing after spending the time to read about me, I ask you to go make sure you have a Working Smoke Detector in your residence. (And check to make sure your family and friends do as well.) Stay Safe and thanks for keeping it on Cat Country 98.7.