Married/Single: Married, 17 years

Kids/Pets: Yes!  Lots!  Somehow I just keep collecting them both!!

Because of radio I got to do?  Learn that nothing you want to do is out of reach – you just have to GO FOR IT!!   I first got into radio by entering a contest – kinda like an American Idol thing.  In 2005 another local radio station was looking for a morning show co-host and asked listeners to write a short essay stating why they thought they might be good at the job.  Like 200 other people, I sent in my response and somehow got picked as a top 10 finalist.  The top 10 was asked do a LIVE, 4 hour, ON AIR audition and after that, it was all up to fate.  Listeners were asked to vote for their favorite contestant. Somehow – miraculously – I was chosen.  All in all, it was a 5 week process that tested my emotions, strength, determination and willingness to step out of my comfort zone, roll the dice and take a chance in life.  In those 5 weeks I truly believe I learned more about what I wanted in life, what I could accomplish and how much ambition I really had.  For me, rising to the challenge was one of the best gifts that I could have ever given to myself.

What would you do if you couldn’t be on the air?  I would probably be cooking my life away at my BBQ Restaurant!  Really, besides and eating and talking……what else is there?

10 Things about me you didn’t know?:

1.  I am SSSOOOO addicted to scrapbooking – I have a WHOLE room in my house dedicated to it – it’s a sickness!

2.  I secretly wish I was 8 inches taller.

3.  I like it when people call me crazy!!  Because I am!

4.  I laugh ALL the time – seriously – ALL the time!  When I’m scared, when I’m mad, when I’m tired, when I’m nervous – ALL the time – drives my family crazy!!!

5.  I regret never going to college.

6.  I want to travel around the world.  I especially want to see New York, the Grand Canyon, Italy and Ireland.

7.  I used to weigh 240 pounds.

8.  I’m in love with Toby Keith.  My husband knows.

9.  I’m addicted to chocolate!

10.  I love to meet new people because I truly believe you can learn something from everyone you meet……even the weird ones!  Ha!


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