Bead Recycling with ARC Gateway

Throw us your beads!

When the parades and parties are over, donate your Mardi Gras beads to The Arc Gateway!


At The Arc Gateway’s Pollak Industries, adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities sort and prepackage beads that are donated after parades. By collecting and selling bundles of beads, The Arc Gateway supports our community’s effort to recycle and reuse materials instead of generating waste. We are also generating revenues that help sustain our programs while providing vocational training and job opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities.


The Arc Gateway offers a variety of products and services to provide people with developmental disabilities with job training, meaningful work and the opportunity to earn their own income.


In addition to providing job opportunities for persons with disabilities, businesses that partner with Arc Gateway also help provide revenue that sustains programs for more than 800 children and adults in our community.

If you would like to help us with bead collections, call us and we’ll bring you a bead collection box and arrange for scheduled pickups.


Here’s what we do with your collected Mardi Gras beads:

  • We learn valuable work skills by sorting and re-packaging donated beads.
  • We promote recycling, not waste.
  • And, we earn pay!

Find a donation site!

Drop-off locations throughout the Pensacola area include:


The Arc Gateway

Administration Office – 3932 N. 10th Ave.

Pollak Training Center – 1000 E. Fairfield Dr.

Pearl Nelson Center – 916 E. Fairfield Dr.

Pollak Industries – 2313 Truman Ave.


Downtown Pensacola

Head Hunters Hair Styling – 205 S. Baylen

Bodacious Olive – 407 S. Palafox


Pensacola Area

St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church – 3200 N. 12th Ave.

Publix – 2180 W. Nine Mile Rd. (at Pine Forest)

Dove Gift Shop at West Florida Hospital- 8383 N. Davis Hwy.

Ever’Man Cooperative Grocery and Cafe – 315 W. Garden St.

Gents Formal Wear – 1340 E. Nine Mile Rd.

Broussards Bayou Grill and Cajun Market – 690 E. Heinberg St.


Gulf Breeze/Pensacola Beach

Beach Community Bank – 60 Northcliff Dr.

Pen Air Federal Credit Union – 3591 Gulf Breeze Pkwy., Tiger Point

BBVA – 1170 Gulf Breeze Pkwy.


Regions Bank Locations

Bellview Branch – 5985 Mobile Highway

Beverly Parkway Branch – 50 Beverly Pkwy

Cordova Mall Branch – 5150 N 9th Avenue

Ensley Branch – 4 East Nine Mile Road

Main Branch – 70 N Baylen Street

Warrington Branch – 575 N Navy Blvd

Gulf Breeze Branch – 400 Gulf Breeze Pkwy

Pace Branch – 4725 Hwy 90


Central Credit Union of Florida Locations

6200 N. “W” St. – Pensacola

308 N. Spring St. – Pensacola

Cordova Mall – Pensacola

9470 Fox Run Rd. – Pensacola