» Zac Brown Says 5 Is Enough

Zac Brown says now that he and wife Shelly are expecting a son, he’s ready and willing to go under the knife at the first convenient time to ensure their fifth child will be their last.

The couple have four daughters and Zac had said he was willing to try as many times as possible for a son, but now that one’s on the way, “I’m done,” he told Country Vibe. “I’m ready, I’ll go under the knife whenever the time will allow now.”

Before any snipping happens, he’s going to take time to celebrate welcoming his first son into the family.

“Getting the boy was a big blessing because I didn’t think it was going to happen. The odds were definitely against us and I wanted to know what that would be like to have a namesake and everything, but I try not to even talk about it until he’s here.”

Shelly is due in May.


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