» Wedding Bells For Rodney?

Word is Rodney Atkins and Rose Falcon will get married soon. The couple got engaged in June and, even though no specific date has been given, he’s recently said they will be married within a month.

You may remember his divorce from Tammy, to whom he was married for 13 years, was somewhat messy and public, and included his being arrested after being accused of domestic assault.

That aside, he seems to be comfortable where life has led him. “I really have gone into trying to figure out not my motives, not what my plans are, but what am I doing here? Like when things go crazy and you go through struggles in your life, and you kind of leave that door open for God, like ‘God, what do you got in store for me?’”

As for Rose, he says “What she’s brought into my life is unbelievable. It’s just complete peace of mind of what love’s supposed to be.”

To go along with a new wife, Rodney will have new music out early next year.

Source: Taste Of Country


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