» Taylor Swift Named Next Of Kin By Plane Crash Pilot

It’s like a line from Billy Currington’s song “People Are Crazy”, Taylor Swift was named “next of kin” by a man she never met that died in a plane crash in Nashville last month.

Michael Callan of Windsor, Ontario was piloting a private plane that crashed at Nashville International October 29 after trying to land in heavy fog.

Next of kin is, in most cases, the closest living blood relative, and Taylor’s people say she didn’t know him. “The first we heard of this was when the appropriate authorities contacted Taylor’s management about the crash,” her publicist said. “Taylor does not know this person.”

This is just one of several odd details about the crash that include how he flew undetected over an international border, why was he hundreds of miles off his flight plan, why did he turn the plane’s transponder off and how did the wreckage go undetected for several hours.

Source: Taste Of Country


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