» Real Life Events Inspired Kip Moore’s “Young Love”

Kip Moore sings about sneaking out and heading to the beach for a romantic rendezvous in, “Young Love”. He says that’s a story straight out of his teenage years.

Growing up in Georgia, Kip went to Panama City Beach, FL every year on summer vacation. He fell hard for a girl on one trip, and h says that’s where the story that inspired the song begins. He told ABC News, “[I] went back home and ended up sneaking out in my car and driving all the way back four hours [to Panama City Beach] to go hang out with this girl for the weekend. Told my folks I was going to a buddy’s house.”

“When you’re 16, there’s such a reckless abandonment,” he says. “You’ll do whatever to hang out with that person. You don’t think about the consequences. I feel like, as you get a little crusty when you get older, and you get jaded, you lose a little bit of that fire.”

Kip released the video for the song yesterday.

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