» Neil And Reid Perry Thrilled For Sister Kimberly

Reid and Neil Perry say they’re ready to be brothers-in-law. Their sister, Kimberly, announced her engagement to Toronto Blue Jays catcher J.P. Arencibia earlier this week, and they guys were thrilled.

“We’re really excited about it. We’ve gotten to know him over the past year and a half and it’s really great to include him as part of the family,” Reid told Country Weekly. “[(His) schedule complements ours, so when we're on the road, he's on the road doing his thing, and when we have time off, it's all great to spend time together."

Even though rumors swirled about Kimberly's relationship status, Neil says it wasn't hard to keep it a secret, but he did slip-up once. "I tweeted a picture of me and [J.P.] at the CMAs a year and a half ago! But I think overall we did pretty good.”

Later this month, they’ll work on their bond with J.P. by taking him on a hunting trip.

Source: Country Weekly


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