» Miranda Takes You On A Tour Of Her Bus

Shabby-chic decor, a pink refrigerator and a laundry shoot that’s how Miranda Lambert rolls.

She gave USA Weekend a look at her tour bus telling them, “Everything, when you step off this bus, is really pretty fast-paced and rock ‘n’ roll…I wanted some place where I could really have relaxation before I have to go out there and hit the craziness.”

As for Blake Shelton, she says he doesn’t hit the road with her much. “I guess because he’s got a TV show and a tour,” but they don’t necessarily make good busmates. “One time, he was like, ‘Three of my drawers are your clothes. I love you, but this is my tour bus. Can I have a drawer back?’”

Miranda rolls in to Cat Country in her condo on wheels on September 11 for a concert at the Bay Center!

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