» Miranda Dishes About Dueting With Carrie

Miranda Lambert announced the other day she’s releasing her new album, ‘Platinum’ this June and one of the songs on it that’s getting early attention is her duet with Carrie Underwood which Miranda says was a bit nerve-racking.

“Singing with Carrie Underwood is very, very intimidating — I mean, I’ll be honest,” she tells Yahoo. How did the two get paired up?

Miranda says, I sent her an email…a long, blabbing email about if she wanted to sing on the record, it could be cool, but maybe she didn’t want to, and if she liked the song, but she didn’t have to like the song … when I sent it, I thought, ‘This sounds ridiculous.’” But it ended up not being so and turned out “Something Bad” for the CD.

She says the song brings girl power to the stage with force. “It’s been too long since two girls in our genre have come together like that. Especially on a song that’s kind of in your face.”

‘Platinum’ will be out June 3rd and includes her new song “Automatic”.

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