» Maddie & Tae Turn The Tables On Country Boys

Maddie & Tae are making waves with their song, “Girl in a Country Song,” and the tide is getting higher with the video.

The two teens (Maddie Marlow, 19, and Tae Dye, 18) turn the table on what is heard in a lot of country music right now and hopefully puts a light on some of the stereotypes that have come with it. They’re having the men act out various scenes in shot-shorts and tank tops doing the things the guys are usually singing about them doing.

“The video helps us put the point across that it’s hard being a girl in a country song,” Maddie tells Rolling Stone Country. “If the guys had to live up to the expectations that we do, I don’t think they could do it either.”

“The song is so topical and it’s what’s going on right now,” Tae says. .

The duo will perform the song on the ‘Today’ show on August 11.

Source: The Boot

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