» Luke Bryan’s Secrets To Marriage

Marriage doesn’t come with a manual, but Luke Bryan and his wife, Caroline, have a few secrets they say help them keep a strong and healthy relationship.

Luke has a spread in the January issue of Good Housekeeping magazine, and says that one of the secrets to their successful marriage is doing “little nights out together.” One of those nights out found them in a tattoo studio. Luke says, “One Valentine’s Day, we got each other’s initials tattooed on our ring fingers.”

He also says, “Every night before bed, I rub my wife’s feet. She says they’re the best foot rubs on Earth.”

Another way the two keep their relationship strong is by communicating when there is a problem. He says, “We don’t have big throw-down fights. If we have a beef, we always talk about it instead of letting it snowball.” But, of course, there are some secrets that are better left unsaid. “I don’t let her know how much I spend on fishing.”


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