Lucy Hale Knew Music Was Her Path

Lucy Hale says she knew what she was “signing up for” when she decided to launch her music career. The “Pretty Little Liars” actress tells she actually started as a singer, and “thought the music would happen before the acting.” 

She says she’s been “waiting a few years” to start her music career, and sis happy it’s finally happening, even if her life has become a lot more complicated because of it. She says it’ll “be an adjustment” once filming for the TV show starts again.  But she’s not complaining. 

Lucy says she feels “so lucky” to be able to do what she loves and has a lot of great people around her “making sure things get done” and that she’s “taking care” of herself.

Her first song, “You Sound Good to Me,” is on The Cat.  Her first album, “Road Between,” will be out June 3rd.

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