» Kip Moore Writing Until The Last Minute

As Kip Moore wraps up the year on his ‘Burn the Whole World Down’ tour he’s hitting the studio recording new music, and has his sights set on an April 2014 release, if he’s done recording it by then.

He tells The Country Vibe, “My plan is to go back in, in January. I’m gonna record three songs. One I feel like is one of the most powerful songs I’ve ever written in my whole life, probably the most, and nobody knows about it. And I’m gonna go back in, I’m gonna record those three songs and I’m gonna sit back and see what I’ve got.” But he can sit too long. “They put out a single,” he says (“Young Love”) “and you’ve got to wait four or five months.” So, while he waits he’s going to use whatever time he can to continue to write new songs and see if he can make what he thinks is already a good record, better.

Kip has three more dates this week on his tour before he shuts down until 2014.


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