» Kimberly Perry Says There May Be A 24 Hour Window

The Band Perry logged over 90,000 miles on the road in 2013 and they’re heading back out on the road just after the first of the year but she says there will be time to get married in the summer, just not much.

Complicating things more than her schedule is that of her fiancee, J.P. Arencibia of the Texas Rangers. Starting in February he’ll be in spring training and the ball season after that so there isn’t a whole lot of free time between them, but Kim says they’ll find it.

“It’s gonna be a busy year. I think we have one 24-hour period to get it done,” she told ABC News Radio.

Kimberly and J.P. will spend Christmas together, going to Greeneville, TN, for the Perry family’s get together and travel to Miami for J.P.’s.


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