Kenny Chesney Threw Out Whole Album

Kenny Chesney has taken most of the year off so far to work on new music and it looks like when he got started things didn’t turnout the way he wanted saying while making it, he actually tossed a whole album’s worth of work away.

“I’ve been in here since October of last year,” he tells Rolling Stone. “I made a whole record and mixed it and threw it away. We’ve got a better record now for it.”

Right now there’s no title or release date for it, but it’s speculated it will be September 30 as that was the date he tweeted out earlier this month.

Kenny has given us a taste of what to expect with a preview of “American Kids,” which hit digital; stores June 20. The song was like love at first sight (or rather, first listen) he says. “It was unlike anything I’d ever heard — and I listen to a lot of songs. The rhythms, the images, the way the melody moved … It just grabs you and holds on, but even more importantly, it feels really good.”

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