Kenny Chesney Readies ‘The Big Revival’

Kenny Chesney released his new song, American Kids” to radio a little over a week ago and today released the video for it, so why not offer up more about what’s to come from him this summer.

Kenny says his next album, ‘The Big Revival’ will be released September 23. That’s a week earlier than the date he tweeted out at the end of May:

It was first thought that would be the date the new album would be released, but now, with the announcement of this date there’s speculation as to what will happen September 30. Only one person knows, and Kenny isn’t talking.

As for this album, Kenny has taken most of the year off to work on it, even saying at one point he felt he was done with it, only to scrap the whole thing and start over. “After all this time, if I can’t push myself and give the fans something that inspires them, that gets them pumped up, there’s no reason to just make a record to make a record.”

He says he also wanted this to stand out from what’s being heard on country radio these days.

“There’s so much more to country than trucks, creek beds and cut-offs,” he says, laughing. “That stuff is fun, but when you look at how people really dig in and work, the things they face every day, you wanna remind ‘em how hardcore they really are, show ‘em that and also show ‘em that you know there’s more to’em than people might think.”

Source: Taste of Country

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