» Kellie Pickler Broadway Bound?

Kellie Pickler wants to take her talents beyond the stage and TV ballroom.

The former Dancing With the Stars champion wants to take her singing and dancing to the bright lights of Broadway. She tells Country Weekly, “Since (Dancing With The Stars) I’ve been wanting to do Broadway so bad just to throw together two of my passions—dance and music.” And Kellie has a good idea for a Broadway play that will keep her close to her country roots.

She says, “I want them to do like a Tammy Wynette Broadway musical! I know Dolly Parton has her Broadway shows and I think if anybody lived a country song, it’s Tammy.” One doesn’t exist yet, but that’s alright because Kellie’s DWTS partner, Derek Hough, sees another Broadway role in her future.

Kellie says, “Derek was like, ‘You need to be Roxie in Chicago.’ That would be amazing! I’ve watched that movie a million times. I know it by heart.”

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