» Jake Owen Thankful For Family And Watermelon

The Thanksgiving holiday isn’t until next month, but Jake Owen is already counting his blessings. Last year, Jake and his wife Lacey welcomed their daughter Olive Pearl on Thanksgiving Day, and she has been the light of his life ever since.

He told People Country, “My little girl, when she looks at me, I’m her caretaker, her provider and her comforter. It puts a lot of responsibility upon my shoulders, but it’s a responsibility that I truly enjoy and am thankful for.”

Jake’s schedule can be very hectic at times, and his wife and daughter bring him calm during the storm. He said, “They are the ones to hit the pause button on my crazy life.”

Beside his loving family, Jake is thankful for watermelon and the fond memories the large fruit brings to mind. Jake said, “Growing up in Florida, I was always eating watermelon. I still think of all the times I got to sit with my granddad under his carport and talk about life while we’d spit watermelon seeds out into the yard. Then my grandma would get mad when the vines would start growing.”


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