» Jake Owen Taking The Family With Him This Summer

One thing Jake Owen will not leave behind on tour this year is his family. S

Jake kicked off his “Days of Gold Tour” last Thursday, and says his time on the road won’t take him away from his family. Jake tells People, “I used to be a little lonely out on the road sometimes ’cause you go from town to town – you’re not out there long enough to get to know anybody. You feel like you’re there long enough just to say goodbye. Now, having my family go with me everywhere I go, it’s like having home with me wherever I am.”

And, having his family on the road means he won’t miss seeing his little girl, Pearl, grow up. “It’s interesting – bath time is fun, you get into a routine with a kid because they’re used to certain routines. So sometimes before the show, we’ll give her a bath and put her to sleep, and that’s great to do that kind of thing.”

One thing it hasn’t stopped is Jake’s recklessness, or having fun depending on how you look at it and the results. Last year he got into a go-kart accident that ultimately cost him a part of a finger. Over the weekend he posted this video to his Instagram page, of him and Thomas Rhett racing adult tri-cycles backstage.

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