» Jake Owen Country Muisc Needs More Meaning

When Jake Owen has enjoyed a couple of great years which saw him score several number one hits, but Jake admits today’s country songs can be a little too superficial.

“I don’t mean to sound negative,” he tells Country Weekly. “I love country music right now, it’s awesome. But I’m guilty of it, too. We all have songs that we’re tending to put out because they’re working and it’s helping our careers. But songs like ‘The Thunder Rolls’ or John Michael Montgomery’s ‘Life’s a Dance,’ they were songs that meant something to people. You don’t hear a lot of those songs anymore. The last time I heard a song that had a lot of meaning and sounded like a country song was Craig Morgan’s ‘Almost Home.’

He says it’s the real songs, about people and life that’s missing. “There are so many songs now, and I have them, too, that are [about] sunshine, blue eyes, a tan. That’s not always real to everyone all the time. Or passing moonshine jars around. People do that when they’re kids, but people also grow up. . . . It’s important to have all kinds of songs.”

Jake hopes he fills some of that void with his song, “What We Ain’t Got”, from his new CD Days Of Gold.

Source: Country Weekly


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