» Hillary Scott Talks About Post-Pregnancy To People

Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Scott is loving life as a mom. But, one thing she says she isn’t a fan of are the expectation set for women’s post-pregnancy bodies.

She tells People magazine, “There’s so much pressure on new moms — especially who are in the public eye — to get back into shape as soon as possible which translates to, ‘As soon as possible, look like you were never pregnant or had a baby.’”

Hillary says she’s not going to give into the pressures and will focus on what really matters. “That pressure really forced me to take a deep breath and accept and embrace me for me, which is always a work in progress, but more important now that I have a daughter.”

Staying positive, she raves about the job her husband, Chris Tyrrell is doing as a dad. “Just when I thought I couldn’t love him more, I love him more every day! He is such a hands-on dad. He is not afraid to do anything — there is not a thing he won’t do.”

Read more about what Hillary had to say to People here.


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