Garth’s Ireland Shows Not Dead Yet

The plug isn’t completely pulled on Garth Brooks’ comeback shows planned for Ireland at the end of the month.

Ticketmaster has delayed starting the refund process for fans who bought tickets. The process was supposed to start today, but have pushed that to Thursday now giving hope to the 400,000 fans who were ready to welcome him back to touring.

The five concerts at Dublin’s Croke Park were called off because of restrictions on how many shows can take place at the venue and, what were thought to be to angry neighbors. But, it’s now being said that up to 40% of those who live in the area had no idea that Garth was coming to town, and had objections made in their name without their knowledge or consent.

The stage for the shows is already on its way and Garth says will not be called back. He wrote a personal letter to the event’s promoter that said, “Our guys are still en route and if there is any chance that the five planned concerts can be salvaged and nobody is being let down then we can proceed as planned until the refunds begin.”

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