Garth Sues Former Employee

The Tennessean reports that Garth Brooks is suing his former employee, Lisa Sanderson, for $226,000.

According to reports, Garth says she owes him $226,000 for repayment of a loan that he made to her while she was the CEO of Red Strokes Inc., which is his movie and television production company.

Lisa claims Garth gave her the money as a gift to help her pay the legal fees she amassed after going through a child custody battle over her son several years ago. A memorandum prepared by her lawyers says, “Mr. Brooks stated in numerous occasions that he too was deeply concerned about Sanderson’s son’s welfare, and for that reason he wanted to take care of any legal fees Sanderson incurred in connection with the custody dispute. Mr. Brooks reassured Sanderson over and over again that ‘it was all about Ben’ and that Sanderson would never have to repay him for the legal fees….”

Lisa also claims that she is entitled to a production fee and a severance or retirement payment from Red Strokes Inc. from her time with the company. Red Strokes denies she is entitled to any such payment. The lawsuit is scheduled to go to trial this week in the U.S. District Court in Nashville.

Source: The Tennessean

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