» Garth And Trisha On The Move

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood are moving east! CMT reports the two are making the move to Nashville.

With Garth’s youngest daughter leaving for college this fall, they will be empty nesters, and the two have talked and have decided to make the move.

“Garth and I have always sort of been gypsies, She says. “If you do this for a living, home for us is really just where we are together,” and now that place will be Nashville and they’re looking forward to it.

“There’s an energy about Nashville that I love and I miss. And it’s so awesome right now. It has a new energy that’s so cool. And it makes sense because it’s been a bit of a challenge to not live there and to have to fly in and out for work.”

And work is key now as Garth is working on new music and the two are expected to head out on tour later this year.

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