For Jake Owen, Character Trumps Hits

Some artists scratch and claw to climb their way up the charts naturally, while others get by with a little help from some friends, which Jake Owen thinks is the best way to do it.

“It’s important in any format of music to embrace your peers,” he tells HuffPost Entertainment.

“I think a lot of people would come up with the idea that they shouldn’t try and help other people out because it’s a fight for your own place on the charts, but I enjoy helping people and promoting good vibes because I feel like it all comes back around.”

He says there’s such a short window of opportunity to get noticed that you can’t afford to make enemies. “I’d rather have great character than a long line of big hit songs that no one remembers 20 years from now.”

Jake will play The Wharf in Orange Beach August 22 with Parmalee and The Cadillac Three.

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