» Florida Georgia Line Driven By Success

As Florida Georgia Line is preparing to hit the road on their first major headlining tour this week, Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley are trying their best not to let newfound fame go to their heads. 

While they’re thrilled fans want to come up to them in public they say things can get pretty weird when they’re in an airport or restaurant. Tyler tells The Washington Post, “I find people are always wanting to tell us: ‘Just don’t change.  Don’t change, guys, just stay the same,’ and all this. And it’s like, okay, I wish I could tell everybody else to not change. Just treat us like normal dudes and be cool.”

They say one thing their success has had an effect on it’s their work ethic, and they say it’s been positive. “I think with the more success, it makes us want to work that much harder, and at the same time, give back more and be more normal,” says Brian.

Florida Georgia Line launches the Here’s to the Good Times tour this Thursday, October 3rd. Read more from The Washington Post article here.


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