FGL, “If This Is Bro Country, Then We Love It”

If they are the poster guys for what’s been dubbed “bro-country”, Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley are willing to wear that badge with honor as they get ready to release a new album this fall.

“People always want to know if we’re offended by it. No,” Tyler tells Rolling Stone Country.

“We’re not offended by all the fans showing up and having a good time at our shows at all,” says Brian. “If this is bro country, then we love it.”

The two recently gave Rolling Stone a behind the scenes look at what they have in store for their new album, and it appears the good times are going to keep coming for fans.

Besides their current radio song, “Dirt”, one of the songs they say has made the cut is called “Sun Daze,” which has a cool drum line, references Haggard and Jagger and revolves around a subject Brian says they’ll “have to come up with a different word for the radio edit.”

Other songs in contention to make the final cut include one titled “You Ain’t Even Gone” and the party-anthem “Anything Goes,” which Brain says is a holdover from their last album and my end up being the album’s title

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