» Father/Son Dominate The Top 10

Thomas Rhett and his dad, Rhett Akins, are both successful songwriters, and they have accomplished something pretty special when five of the top ten songs on the country singles chart were either written, co-written or sung by them.

“I remember walking into my publishing company over at Sony the other day and we pulled up the chart and I was asking them where one of my songs was,” says Thomas, “and he was like, ‘Well, this one is at eight. This one’s at seven.’ We started looking and that was when we noticed that there was five songs in the top ten that were either written or recorded by me or dad or both of us (including “It Goes Like This” by Thomas). As far as anyone knows, that’s the first time a father/son team has ever accomplished something like that.”

In fact, Thomas says when he told his dad Rhett, “He was looking on Google to see if Hank Williams, Senior and Junior had ever done it. As far as we know, until somebody tells us different, we might be the only father and son to accomplish that kind of thing. So it’s pretty wild.” When Thomas thinks about what an accomplishment that is he says, “There aren’t a whole lot of words to say how cool it is besides it’s just really freaking cool. But it’s just one of those things that will never been forgotten, especially by me and for sure by him. I guess we’ll try to get a plaque made or something for the both of us.”


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