Fan Wouldn’t Let Lightning Strike Keep Him From Carrie Underwood

Some fans wouldn’t miss their favorite artist for anything and Carrie Underwood and Randy Houser found that out this past weekend in Wisconsin.

This past weekend, Country Fest was being held in Cadott, and Gage Stroening didn’t let a lightning strike, seizure, a hospital stay or a bad burn from a grill deter him from seeing his favorite artists.

According to Gage and witnesses, high winds knocked a neighboring camper’s tent into his grill, which was lit as he got ready to make lunch. He stepped on it, fell down, stood up and when he grabbed the metal framing alongside his camper it was hit by lightning. After a 4-hour hospital stay he was back at it with his arm in a sling and orders to take it easy.

He tells the Eau Claire Leader-Telegram he was down, but not out, after being injured. “It hurts to walk, but I’ve got pit passes to meet Randy Houser. I don’t have the energy like I did when I showed up, but I’m not missing these shows.” And he didn’t.

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