» Eric Church Puts Scalpers On Notice

Eric Church is not a fan of scalpers and today he proved it. More than 14,000 tickets have sold for his upcoming show in Minneapolis but after running checks it turns out about 1,000 were bought by scalpers and he took them back and is reselling them.

“A lot of acts just want to sell as many tickets as they can and they don’t care who they sell them to,” he says. “I want my fans to be the ones who buy tickets to my shows, and I want scalpers to back off. I can’t stop ticket scalpers completely, but I can definitely make it harder for them.”

He wants to make sure fans, not scalpers, have a chance to buy the tickets for the hottest seats for the September show. 902 tickets that were sold to names or credit cards reached their ticket purchasing limit and were cancelled, then resold to fans.

Eric says his team will be tracking ticket sales at all of his Outsiders World Tour stops.

Source: The Boot

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