» Eric Church Believes ‘Bro-Country’ Started With Him

Eric Church says he’s the one who is responsible for the direction country music has headed in over the last couple of years. He tells Rolling Stone, “‘Guys Like Me’ [from his Sinners Like Me album] has a guy that drinks too many beers. That was before anybody had ever put beer and trucks related in songs.”

Called “bro-country” for its heavily targeted subject to men and more male targeted subjects, Eric says it can be traced back to that song. “That song never went Top 10. Barely went Top 20. That’s because it was too guy-driven — that kind of came out during [the] ‘soccer mom’ country period. There were no males in country music at the time in the radio world, and it suffered. And it’s funny now to look at that song, which every song is a lot similar to now.”

He does miss hearing that “punch you in the gut” song every now and then. “One thing I miss is turning on the radio and just having a song punch me in the gut, and, as a songwriter, knock me on my ass. And I think we could use more of that.”

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