Dogs Not Enough, FGL Traveling With Squirrels

Getting married wasn’t enough for Brian Kelly of Florida Georgia Line. While not on a course to start a family with his wife of 7 months they are traveling in a crowded bus having recently gotten a dog and now adding squirrels to the mix.

He tells ABC News, “We have two sugar gliders, basically, in essence, little flying squirrels, and we just got a puppy … she’s like 9 weeks old. So, no real kids, just a couple sugar gliders and a dog, for now.” Why the animals and not kids?

He says he and Brittney don’t have time for late-night feedings or facing the learning curve of being parents when on the road. “It feels perfect man, I can’t think of one thing that’s missing or lacking in our life,” he says. “Having that person that makes you better, completes you, you want to see before you go to bed and right when you wake up, there’s something to be said about that.”

So, no babies in the immediate future for Florida Georgia Line…at least not the human kind.

Source: ABC News