» Dierks Bentley Ready For His Boy

Dierks Bentley and his wife Cassidy are expecting their new baby boy soon, and they are really excited about adding him to the family.

Dierks tells People, “I have two girls that are so awesome … I can’t imagine being any happier or wanting anything more.” With the addition of a boy to the family, he says he has no idea what to expect. But Dierks does feel like he’s already prepared to raise a son.

“I already do some boy things with the girls. They love going on the four wheeler. I got them a little Barbie jeep, which they’ll ride in together. Then a friend of mine donated his (child’s old one), so I ride in that and chase them down. I crash into them and try to run them off the driveway. I’m pretty rambunctious with them,” he says.

Dierks also says that he takes his daughters camping and fishing, and he will continue to. “I do a lot of that stuff with the girls anyway so it’ll just be an extension of that with a boy. I love being outdoors so I’m just looking forward to passing that on to the girls and our son.”

Read more from Dierks in People here.


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