Darius Rucker Kept Out Of His Own Party

Darius Rucker was shut out of his own event in Nashville the other night, but unlike some stars he took it in stride.

The bouncer at a Nashville club called Red Door wouldn’t let him in Monday night because he didn’t have his I.D. on him. It was the after-party for his 5th Annual Darius and Friends Concert to benefit St. Jude’s Research Hospital.

It was his event. You’d think someone would vouch for him from the inside. Even his bodyguard couldn’t sweet talk the doorman who insisted he was under strict orders not to let anyone in who didn’t have an I.D.

So, what did Darius do? No, he didn’t go Reese “Don’t You Know Who I Am” Witherspoon on him, or demand he look him up online. He told the guy he he understood that he was just doing his job, and went to another bar.

Source: The Boot

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