» Chris Young “(The Opry) Is A Big Deal”

Chris Young has played the Grand Ole Opry many times through the years, and he’s become a favorite among many of the long-time members. And, just like with any country artist, Chris wants to be in ‘the club.’

“I put it up there on a pedestal, and I believe that everyone in country music does,” Chris tells Billboard. “It’s a big deal. The fact that they keep asking me back, and the fact that many of the veteran members like what I’m doing is a good feeling.”

“I think that’s something that is a case of when it’s your time, it’s your time. It’s not something that you necessarily lobby for, but it is something that is in my mind.”

You can read the whole Billboard piece here. Chris will release is fourth album, ‘A.M.’ tomorrow ( 9/17).


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