» Carrie Underwood On Cover Of Women’s Health

Carrie Underwood is on the cover of the November issue of Women’s Health magazine, and talks about taking on the role of Marie von Trapp in a live version of The Sound Of Music on NBC in December.

“I’ve been in New York quite a bit doing run-through’s and working on a kind of music that’s not exactly the kind of music that I’m use to singing. So it’s been a lot of work and it’s been really challenging,” she says. But Carrie is ready for challenge and feels she stands to benefit from it. “I think in the end it’s really going to be very rewarding. It’s going to be exciting to actually do a musical live on TV.”

While the role does include singing, Carrie will have to call on more than just her musical talents, but she’s ready for it saying, “Music is where I live. But doing other things broadens me and my experiences and what I can do. I’m up for anything.”

Also in the magazine, Carrie shares what her favorite beauty product is, ways she stays fit and how, despite being a vegan (for the most part), a little cheese won’t make her lose her mind.

The issue with Carrie on the cover is out tomorrow, or you can check it out here.


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