» Carrie Underwood Most Popular With Young Crowd

Carrie Underwood is the most popular country artist with young people.

In a study by Edison Research, Carrie is the most popular artist among participants ages 12-24 who like country music, as well as the most popular country artist overall among the same age group.

The study, “Understanding Country Radio’s Next Generation of Listeners,” surveyed the media habits of people between 12-34 years old. In the age group of 12-24-year-olds, Carrie had a favorable rating with 82% who said they like country music and 48% overall. In the same age group, Tim McGraw had a favorable rating with 80% who like country music, while Blake Shelton had 77% and Luke Bryan had 75%.

Coming in behind Carrie in the overall category was Kelly Clarkson with a 44% favorable rating, followed by Taylor Swift at 43% and Tim McGraw at 40%

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