Carrie Remembers Her Opry ‘Butt Pat’

Like a manager changing pitchers at the mound in baseball, Carrie Underwood is recalling a ‘butt pat’ she got from Loretta Lynn.

Carrie’s been a member of the Opry for over five years and has many fond memories of meeting her heroes and fellow artists, bus says it will be hard to top was the first time she met Loretta.

In an interview with Glam, Carrie says, “I’d never met Loretta before. I knew she was going to be here so I was excited. Somebody comes up behind me and smacks me on the rear, and I’m offended for a split second. I’m like ‘Who would dare walk up behind me and smack me on the bum?’ I turn around, and I’m like ‘oh my gosh, it’s Loretta!’ She didn’t really stop to say anything; she just smacked me on the rear!”

Carrie says that’s something that makes the Opry special, the artists are relaxed and it’s a fun atmosphere backstage.

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