» Brett Eldredge Took Twitter Cues From Blake Shelton

Brett Eldredge isn’t afraid to let his freak flag fly on Twitter. In fact, his Twitter profile bio reads, “Step into the weirdness.” It should be no surprise then that Brett says it was Blake Shelton who gave him the courage to tweet his most random thoughts.

“I remember when Blake really, like, just started being Blake completely, and just didn’t care. He especially stepped out on Twitter and did that, and when he was completely honest with his fans and with people on Twitter and just was Blake, people accept you,” he tells ABC News.

Brett says while it times it may seem like he’s trying to be random, that’s not the case. “I don’t know what causes me to say what I say, but I say it and I just put it out there, and I guess people are entertained by it, so I just keep on keepin’ [on].”

Brett will no doubt have plenty to Tweet if he wins the ACM New Artist Award at the ACM Awards on Sunday, April 6. You can cast your vote for him, Kip Moore or Justin Moore at VoteACM.com.

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