Brantley Gilbert Takes The Dare

It may not be as cold as it was at the start of the year but there aren’t too many warm bodies of water people are willing to get into yet, and Brantley Gilbert took a dip in one the other day.

He was dared by two of his close friends to take the Polar Bear Challenge, and he posted the video on YouTube.

He says he only has 24 hours to complete it. “I accept your challenge. Even though I just got this and I’m in Nashville, Tennessee finishing up this record and getting’ ready for a tour.” He then added, “We’re right outside of downtown Nashville. I’m about to jump in the Cumberland River which is still freezing cold.”

You can see what happens from there, but checkout his entry. Not bad. He then briskly swims back to the dock, pulls himself out of the water and shouts an expletive. You would too.

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