» Brad Paisley Wants To Write The Soundtrack To Justin Bieber’s Life

Brad Paisley has offered his voice and songwriting skills in support of Justin Bieber! In an interview, Brad shared his thoughts on all of the controversy surrounding Biebs and personal life.

Brad says he’s more than willing to write the soundtrack Justin’s life, “Have you watched Justin Bieber lately? He is living a George Jones song.”

He says the subjects in some of the most famous country songs could be applied to even the most modern headlines — like Justin’s.

“In the old-fashioned sense, we sang about stuff that’s really hip now. Johnny Cash sang about drug abuse and he sang about adultery and all these things that are really popular now. [Country music was] way ahead of the game.”

Brad adds, “If he needed a soundtrack for what’s going on with him, or Miley [Cyrus] let me know!”

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