» Brad Paisley On ‘Rising Star’ Debut

Brad Paisley was pretty pleased with how the premiere of ‘Rising Star’ turned out Sunday night.

He told reporters after the show, “It’s a blast, isn’t it? When the Wall went up for that first time, or the minute that hillbilly opened his mouth! It was ten times more fun than I thought it would be.”

Of the six singers voted to move onto the second round, Brad says “They’re nice so far—we’ll see when they turn on me because I voted somebody off, and how that’s gonna go!”

Brad also loved the live aspect of the show saying of his seven-year-old son, Huck, “I got a text in the middle of the show that said, ‘Huck disagrees!’ I wrote back and said, ‘You tell him he’s not the expert yet!’”

‘Rising Star’ is on ABC Sunday nights.

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