Blake’s Push To Download Garth

Earlier this month, Blake Shelton ranted on Twitter about not being able to download Garth Brooks’ music on iTunes. As a matter of fact, you can’t buy any of Garth’s songs to download, and he likes it that way.

It quickly became Blake’s most followed tweet and he argues Garth is “too important” to not have his music available to new generation fans.

“I just hate to think that there’s a generation that hasn’t discovered him yet, because he’s too important. He’s the reason that I wanted to be a country singer,” Blake says. “He’s the reason that I worked a summer and saved up to buy a black Takamine guitar with a cutaway on it. He’s that important to me, and I just hate to think that people can’t…get his music whenever they want to.”

He says, “My ultimate fear is, and I’ve had friends tell me that their kids didn’t know who Garth Brooks was, and that upsets me. I don’t like that.”

Garth is one of the few holdouts left that doesn’t allow his music to be downloaded, saying he’s always placed a high value on entire albums not just songs. With new music in the works Garth says he knows this is something that needs to be addressed, given the shrinking music sections in stores.

For now though, Blake will continue to be Garth’s biggest #frustratedfan.

Source: Taste Of Country

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