» Blake Shelton Says The Way To A Woman’s Heart Is On Your Feet

Blake Shelton has some pointers for guys who want to upgrade their sex appeal. Everybody knows ladies love a sharp dressed man, but he says it’s not the suit and the tie that gets their attention; it’s what’s on their feet.

“I think that men should wear shoes that if there’s an emergency, they’re gonna be able to help. And when guys are walking around in flip-flops or sandals, bowling shoes … or whatever in the hell some of that stuff is they’re wearing … I’m thinking, ‘OK, if there’s a fire, I’ve gotta get the women and children and you out of this building,’” he told CMT.

Blake knows a thing or two about appealing to women. He was named the sexiest person from Oklahoma in People magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” issue.

Source: CMT


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