Blake Shelton, “I Can’t Stand The Cats”

Blake Shelton has vowed to love Miranda Lambert for better or worse, and it turns out her worst, in his eyes, might be her cats. 

“I’m not too big on cats,” Blake tells People Magazine.  “Sometimes I’ll say something like that and people get so mad at me. But the truth is, I don’t care if they get mad.” What’s his beef with cats?

“They’re sneaky,” he says. And he doesn’t feel bad saying it because, “To be fair, if they could send a Tweet, I’m sure they would say something bad about me.”

Blake doesn’t have it in for all of Miranda’s animals. He likes their dogs and he has taken to Miranda’s horse. “She’s really gotten into horseback riding. She’s into English-style riding and has been taking riding lessons since the first of the year and has been training at least two times a week.” It paid off for her, too, as she won a ribbon at a horse show over Memorial Day weekend.

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