» Blake Fires Back At More Divorce Rumors

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert can’t escape the divorce rumors. It seems like the two have become a favorite of The National Enquirer, which is reporting they are heading for a divorce, one that would allegedly cost them $40 million. The last straw this time? A picture Blake took with another woman at a party.

It turns out that it’s a semi-true story, as he was photographed with Lindsey Sporrer at Usher’s house, but the reality ends there. Blake told People Magazine back in May he has nothing to hide from his wife, even telling her , “Here’s my phone. Go through it. That’s really the kind of trust we have. There are no secrets.”

This latest divorce rumor goes along with several other that have been floating around about the two of them including Miranda being pregnant and them having an ongoing fight with another singer.

As has become customary after such things arise, Blake took to Twitter…


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