» After A Rough Start, Trace Adkins’ Year Takes A Turn

2014 hasn’t been the kindest to Trace Adkins. It started off with Trace checking into rehab after a confrontation with a fan aboard a cruise ship. Then, his wife filed for divorce. But, this past weekend (June 21) things looked up for him as he was inducted into the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame.

Trace learned of the honor when he rolled into Dixie Landin’ Waterpark in Baton Rouge for what he thought was a simple concert but he was surprised by Mike Sheperd, the President and Executive Director of the Louisiana Music Hall of Fame, who took the stage to give him the award.

Trace hails from Sarepta and is always proud to show his Louisiana pride, and even named his band, the Sarepta Gentleman’s Club, after his home town.

Source: Taste of Country

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